About Us

Welcome to Portsmouth Paddle Co.

Portsmouth Paddle Co. is a framily (noun ˈf-Ram-lē a group of people—and the occasional dog—not connected through blood relation, but through similar passions and common interest) operation, dedicated to delivering an excellent outdoor water experience and superior customer service, as well as sharing the active New Hampshire Seacoast lifestyle we have come to cherish.

Our paddle board Show Room is located at 70 Heritage Ave. Unit 10 in Portsmouth, NH. When it comes to SUP services, we are a mobile operation, launching out of Portsmouth, New Castle, and Rye, New Hampshire, that rolls with the tide schedule and we hope to hear from you soon.


  • Car-pool with friends as parking is extremely limited
  • Lock your valuables in your vehicle, including: sunglasses, keys, wallets & phones
  • Protect your eyes with a hat or visor
  • Drink lots of water prior to your scheduled activity
  • Apply sunscreen!
  • Wear athletic clothes (yoga wear, bathing suit, board shorts) and avoid cotton
  • Don’t sweat about falling in! If you do, we promise it will only feel refreshing!
  • Feel free to reward your hard-working PPC Guide or Instructor with a cash tip!


Portsmouth Paddle Co. wants to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water!
We strive to provide a safe environment for participants of all levels.

To make this possible:

  • Life vests / inflatable PFD systems are required on board at all times
  • Leashes / leg ropes are required to be attached at all times
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages before or while using PPC equipment
  • All participants MUST be comfortable in the water and know how to swim
  • When paddling in strong winds, do not paddle directly into the wind, drop to your knees or sit on the board to reduce your profile to the wind and paddle at an angle toward the closest shore area
  • Always listen to your PPC Guide – in addition to showing you a good time, their job is to ensure your safety!
  • In the event that any damage to equipment or facilities occurs, as a result, willful actions, neglect or recklessness, the participant will be held liable for any and all costs associated with any actions of neglect or recklessness
  • Have a blast on the water and SPREAD THE STOKE!


To participate in Portsmouth Paddle Co. activities, each participant is required to accept our waiver and release of liability. You will receive a link to our online waiver in your confirmation email – please ensure everyone in your party has completed one. Anyone who has not completed the waiver online, will be required to do so on-site prior to the start of the activity.

All minors under the age of 18 must have a parent guardian waiver signed to participate. Minors under 16 must weigh at least 80lbs and be accompanied by an adult.