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70 Heritage Avenue., Ste 10
Portsmouth, NH, 03801
United States


Portsmouth Paddle Board Co. provides everything you need to enjoy the waterways of Seacoast New Hampshire. We provide guided paddle board tours, paddle board lessons, and paddle board rentals in Portsmouth, New Castle, and Rye, New Hampshire. Portsmouth Paddle Co. is the leading paddle board supplier, selling new and used paddle boards year round at wholesale prices. 

Blues: 10'6 | 11' | 11'6 | LIMITED BAMBOO



>> $50 EXTRA OFF SALE PRICE for your 1st board package

>> $100 EXTRA OFF SALE PRICE ($150 total) on your 2nd board package

>> $150 EXTRA OFF SALE PRICE ($300 total) on your 3rd board package


Too many used boards to list so give us a call!

>> PLUS, take an additional $25 OFF each board
when you pay by cash or check!

Our Paddle Board Show Room is located at:

70 Heritage Ave, Portsmouth NH 03801 - Suite 10



We specialize in finding the right new or used paddle board for you. We have plenty of NEW boards year round & many USED options as we near the end of our season. Our sales and support staff have decades of combined experience and can have you paddle boarding the seacoast NH area in no time. 

Feel free to call us to confirm availability of certain models and color options. Our paddle board inventory changes quickly and new boards arrive 2-3 times a week in season. We would happily add a special-order board to our next shipment if we don't have it in stock.  

Better Boards, Better Paddles, Better Prices:

Our prices are fair for a reason -- We like you and our community that we live in here on the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire.

Buy the board you WOULD have purchased on the 3rd attempt, the FIRST time. 

SPOILER ALERT ***** We encourage you to shop around before you've lifted up one of our boards.  Our 2019 10'6 board packages start at $899 and weigh less than 22 Lbs. These boards are the strongest in their class and have the most ergonomically balanced handles around. All of our standard board packages are under $1000, come with a $349 carbon fiber adjustable paddle, leash, and car straps included. Portsmouth Paddle Co's VESL brand paddle boards are now built with a kevlar reinforced nose, tail, & rails with the addition of the new carbon inlay reinforcement under the standing deck. 

We do not sell "Big Name Brand" boards leave you feeling regretful after the third use. Say no to floating refrigerators, "Bic" Pen & Plastic products, "Out Of Date" double-wide docks, or "Soft-Top" garbage. We do not and will never sell cheaply constructed paddle boards with old fashioned 3” slot handles. Under no circumstances will we ever sell aluminum, cheap plastic, or pressed carbon knock off paddle board paddles.

We promise high quality, hand assembled & finished paddle boards, constructed in small batches. We know every detail about our products because we helped design them with VESL and strive to improve the paddle boards we sell every year. Also included with a board purchase : Tutorial & Technique Adjustment

Blues: 10'6 | 11' | 11'6 | LIMITED BAMBOO

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blues bamboo Buy Portsmouth Paddle Co Boards .jpg
blues bamboo back Buy Portsmouth Paddle Co Boards .jpg

Blues: 10'6 | 11' | 11'6 | LIMITED BAMBOO

965.00 1,639.00

Available in these board dimensions & specs:

10’6 x 32" x 4 5/8"  183L | BEGINNERS UP TO 215 LBS. / ADVANCED 235 LBS.  / 2+1 FIN SETUP

11’ x 32" x 4 7/8"  202L | BEGINNERS UP TO 225 LBS. / ADVANCED 245 LBS.  / SINGLE FIN SETUP

11'6 x 32" x 5" 225L  | BEGINNERS UP TO 250 LBS. / ADVANCED 285 LBS.  / SINGLE FIN SETUP

$965 reflects cash or check price.

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle, Leash & Car Straps Included ($349 Value)

Our all-around paddle boards are designed with both cruising for leisure paddling or performance surfing in mind. Our new 10'6 x 32” all around shape is geared towards performing well in the various of wave types we receive here on the East Coast. This is a great platform for beginners weighing 100 lbs up to 215 lbs. The 10’6 x 32” shape allows the rider to feel stable while catching waves early, without sacrificing maneuverability, drive, and speed while surfing down the line.  10’6 x 32 Board Weight: 23. lbs.

The 11'0 & 11'6 all-around shape is still highly maneuverable, stable and fun the surf zone in addition to its efficient and fast performance in flat water conditions. The added length makes it possible to paddle into small or large waves easily while absorbing chop and adding glide in ocean and lake conditions. We not only stand on our boards... VESL stands behind them with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 11’ Board Weight: 24.5 lbs. | 11’6 Board Weight: 26 lbs.

COMPRESSION MOLDED TECHNOLOGY: All of the VESL 2019 boards feature the most advanced compression molding technology. The superiority of molded boards comes with better strength and durability at a lighter weight. The average board weight has been reduced by 2 to 3.5 lbs. Based on the different sizes the board strength has been enhanced by 25-30%. The rails, nose and tail are reinforced with kevlar. A kevlar & bamboo standing patch upgrade has also been added.

The all-arounder is a great fit for someone looking for a bit more stability while cruising but who also wants to take it to the surf and have some maneuverable fun. The added stability makes touring more comfortable and the light weight durable construction makes this a great SUP board.

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