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Paddle Board Lessons

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Private Lesson (Single Paddler) Price per Person
Semi Private (Two Paddlers) Price per Person
Group Lesson (3-4 Paddlers) Price per Person

New to SUP? Come Learn With Us!




We will begin offering SUP Rentals on Wednesday, July 1st. Lesson availability will follow, once we have adapted to our new operating procedures. We expect to begin offering Private Lessons by July 15th, by request. We have developed policies and practices to comply with State of NH, CDC and ACA Guidelines. Please review the information regarding our COVID-19 policies to inform your arrival and the safety of all guests and staff. We welcome you to stay active and socially distant with us!


We’ve taught thousands of people of all ages, shapes and sizes how to paddle board and we’re confident that we can help you get paddling, too! Our goal for every SUP lesson is to provide you with the appropriate gear and instruction to ensure you have a successful experience. Our individual and group lessons are designed to introduce you to or enhance your stand-up paddle boarding skills.

Lessons begin with on-land instruction to get familiar with your equipment and review paddle boarding fundamentals, followed by 45 minutes of on-water coaching and practice to improve your technique. Qualified and CPR certified instructors will help you master balance, paddling, turning, water safety, equipment handling and SUP etiquette in calm waterways.

Lesson times and availability are dependent on the tide schedule. Interested in purchasing a paddle board? Visit our board shop to view our current inventory for better boards, better paddles and better prices.