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Paddle board barre

Quick Details

1 SUP Yogi $95-100
2 SUP Yogis $75 pp
3-5 SUP Yogis $65 pp
6-10 SUP Yogis $60 pp
10+ SUP Yogis Contact for estimate

Shake on the Sea With Paddle Board Barre!

Take your shake on an adventure with Paddle Board Barre! Strengthen your body while relaxing your mind during this unique barre class.

Experience everything you love about barre while taking in natural surroundings, breathing fresh air, and connecting more deeply with your stabilizers and yourself.

Class begins with 15 minutes of on-land instruction and a paddle to the anchor location, followed by a 60-minute class. Great for all experience levels!


  • Pre-registration is required
  • No prior paddle boarding or SUP fitness experience required
  • Familiarity with on-land barre or yoga is recommended, but not required!
  • All participants must use Portsmouth Paddle Co. equipment