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Sup yoga and meditation

Quick Details

1 SUP Yog $95-100
2 SUP Yogis $75 pp
3-5 SUP Yogis $65 pp
6-10 SUP Yogis $60 pp
10+ SUP Yogis Contact for estimate

SUP Yoga and Meditation with SEAVĀSANĀ

Stimulate your senses with this special paddle board yoga and meditation experience.

Enjoy a relaxing evening on the water with a slow yoga flow and floating meditation with SEAVĀSANĀ.

Stretch and soften your body with a gentle practice, using the breath as your anchor to the present moment.

Explore an invitation to deepen your connection to your surroundings, your movement, and yourself by closing your eyes.

Still your mind with mindfulness and breathing exercises focused on connection to nature.

Class concludes with our signature SEAVĀSANĀ guided relaxation and a blissful sea-vasana.

Open to yogis of all experience levels. No prior paddle boarding or SUP yoga experience required. Familiarity with on-land yoga is recommended, but not required!